1. 60 Minute Massage(includes brief foot & hand reflexology) – $80

A Swedish Massage creates a peaceful, nurturing respite from the stresses of your life, revitalizing and relaxing you.  A full body massage that includes hand and foot reflexology is a sure way to enhance your well being and to give you energy throughout your day.[mp_buy_button product_id=”250″]




2. 30 Minute Massage- $40

Massage of the back, shoulders, neck, and head.[mp_buy_button product_id=”264″]




3. Paradise Back Treatment- 30 minutes – $50

Paradise Back Treatment includes back, neck, shoulder & head massage with essential oils along the spine/spinal nerves to
rejuvenate. Hot towels are then placed on the back for an extremely relaxing experience. [mp_buy_button product_id=”267″]




4. Reflexology Treatment- 30 minutes – $40

Reflexology is a concentrated massage which works the “reflex points” of the feet (which are also located on the hands & ears).  Reflexology, which can be an extremely relaxing experience, can open up energy pathways to specific organs, glands and areas of the body, lending itself to assisting the entire body.

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5. Paradise Foot Treatment- 20 minutes – $50

Paradise Foot Treatment includes a foot reflexology massage, essential oils& hot towels on the feet.[mp_buy_button product_id=”271″]




Essential Oils


Your choice of two with any service.  $10

Consultation to determine your needs and preferences before treatment.


A few lovely ESSENTIAL OILS and their common therapeutic properties & uses

Frankincense– anti inflammatory and soothing to the skin. Used for scars, skin irritation & dry skin. Calming to the nervous system.

Jasmine– helps ease inflammation, is used on sensitive and dry, irritated skin. Eases stress, depression, anxiety.

Juniper– used for arthritis and gout, since it helps expel uric acid from the body (not to be used in cases of kidney disease). Helps calm muscle spasms and also helps calm the nervous system.

Lavender– soothing to the skin and is used for burns, sunburn & inflammation. Calming to the nervous system and has anti microbial and antiseptic properties.

Peppermint– stimulating, eases headache and migraines, helps breathing & clears sinuses, eases digestiion and muscle pain.

Rosemary– stimulates surface circulation & is used for muscle tension and joints. Has antiseptic and anti fungal properties.

Spearmint– similar to peppermint, but is less powerful (and has a sweeter scent). Is used for headache, muscle pain and digestion.

Myrrh– used for eczema, athletes foot, cracked, dry skin. Has anti fungal, anti microbial, astringent, and antiseptic properties.


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