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HeartSong Bodywork offers Swedish & Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Energy Balancing.


Dear clients, as my office has been closed since March, I decided to wait until my intuition guided me to make a statement regarding my services. Prior to the city-wide shutdown I followed my feeling about pausing any decision making and communication regarding anything new until I felt it was the right time.  Early on in my business and continuing somewhat into the present day, I avioided too much promotion of Energy Work, and associated training I had had.  Since it was automatically a part of my practice, I avoided speaking of it much unless a client seemed interested.

Since my practice is one of close contact I am now urged to rely on my skills and will be offering ENERGY BALANCING SESSIONS long distance, for which I am trained.   I have worked on 7 clients long distance, and have gotten good feedback, possibly because people who are interested are more sensitive and can actually feel the difference.

The preparation and centering I do for a session comes first, then my connecting with you, then sending energy, ending with my separation from your energy field.

The work I have done is with clients I have met. I have no feedback from people contacting me regarding energy without meeting first.  My teacher said that a name and an address gives the vibration to follow, so if anyone would like to have my focus on them I will need those pieces of information.

I will work as long as it takes for the energy to be correct and assimilated by the client for the session. The client’s energy should tell me that. The alloted time will be 30 minutes.

This is an experiment in Love and Healing that I hope some of you want to try. Buying a Gift Certificate for the service is what this requires.  I will not be using the normal booking system avenue, since I do not need to require a credit card for payment. One you have purchased a Gift Certificate that covers $45, send me a text and I will send you a time.  If you prefer a time when you are resting or when you are in meditation, let me know what might work for you.

Purchase your Gift CERTIFICATE & Text 816-686-7555 (with your name and address) for your ENERGY BALANCING SESSION 

Remember, do not use the booking system links. Thank you.

Donations Are Welcome in the form of Gift Certificates as well.



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