“Monica does a fantastic job of listening to my wants and is very thorough and diligent in taking care of me. I have special needs with fibromyalgia and she is fantastic! When she does the reflexology, I feel 20 years younger! Thanks Monica!!” Cindy J. April 13, 2018

“It’s a very personal experience coming to Monica for a massage. She is in-tune with what is going on both physically and emotionally and she creates and environment of safety by adjusting her treatment to my needs. I’ve never had a massage therapist like her: her approach is so much more healing than other “one size fits all” massages. I’m so glad I can keep coming back to someone I trust!” Nina M. March 25, 2018

“Monica always provides a very relaxing, professional massage taylored to my specific stresses. She is more than knowledgeable and skilled — she is gifted!” R.M. March 26, 2018

“Monica immediately put me at ease with her caring manner. Her approach is sensitive to what’s going on with me and my body at the time I go to see her, so I find her treatments really effective. I’d recommend Monica in a heartbeat”
Harriet C.
March 26, 2018